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Informations on the Shipments Methods

The strength of Akko Scissors Company is the speed with which orders are processed: every product is in stock and shipped within 24-48 hours after payment.



0-1 KG         7,94 €

1-5 KG         9,57 €

5-10 KG    10,35 €

10-20 KG  11,58 €

20-30 KG 12,04 €

30-50 KG 16,26 €


9,40 €

11,03 €

11,81 €

13,04 €

13,50 €

15,76 €

10-20 Kg 11,58€ 13,04€

20-30 kg 12,04€ 13,50€

30-50 Kg 16,26€ 15,76€

Extra Large Super – every Kilogram over 50 Kg 0,39€


PAY ON DELIVERY -  EXTRA 9% of the order value

Supplements extra over the Extra large (on request):

delivery on appointment 7,15€

delivery on saturday 16,05€

evening delivery 16,70€

programmed delivery 7,64€

exact day delivery 7,64€


for Orders over 200€

The cost of shipping depends on the purchase, the number of packages, their weight and volume, and the shipping address. These costs are related to shipments within Italy. In case of shipments abroad, we kindly ask Customers to contact the Company by e-mail, providing indication of the products to be shipped and the destination address, in order to have in a short time an estimate of shipping costs..


The company's sales policy is based on the immediate availability of the requested products, keeping a large stock of each reference in the warehouse: it is rare that a particular product is not immediately available. Each order is processed in 24-48 hours after payment, or in a timeframe communicated and agreed directly with the Customer if a product is missing. In case one or more items are not available, again after communication with the Customer, it is possible to agree together on the possibility of a partial shipment..


Once payment is received, the purchased goods are entrusted for most Italian locations to the Express Carrier, whose approximate delivery time is 1/2 working days (not considering holidays and pre-holidays) after collection. For any delays incurred by the Carrier during transport, the Company is not responsible, nor obliged to pay compensation or accommodate requests for withdrawal. AKKO SCISSORS is not in any case responsible for any not foreseeable delays in the delivery of the products or not attributable to the Company.


The products will be delivered during office hours, to the address indicated in the order form (delivery to the floor is not guaranteed): since it is not possible to agree with the Express Carrier a precise time of delivery, we recommend that you provide an address where someone is always present for pickup. It is necessary to indicate exactly both the house number and the ZIP code; in addition, the name given, should always coincide with the name or number shown on the door. When collecting the goods from the Carrier, check that the number of packages listed on the transport document coincides with those ordered and that the packages delivered are undamaged.


If, however, at the time of delivery the Customer or the person in charge of the pickup were absent, the Express Courier will leave a notice of non-delivery through which you can request the free redelivery of packages, according to the procedures set out in the notice, within the next 3 days. If the goods are not picked upon second delivery, the Express Carrier will keep the goods in storage at its warehouse for three days, giving the Customer the opportunity to pick up the goods in person: otherwise, Akko Scissors shall, with regret, charge the Customer the additional costs for non-delivery.


For any inconvenience related to shipments, please contact the service department (ordini@paolaacco.com), which will take action to resolve the problems.

The cost of shipping depends on the purchase made, the number of packages, their weight and volume, and the shipping address. Read below about the services offered by Akko Scissors: adding products to the "shopping cart" will give you the total cost, referring to a "standard" delivery.


Standard - Express - Free Shipping

Akko Scissors ships nationwide (Italy) with delivery within 2 business days via Express Delivery, or within 3 to 5 days via Standard Delivery. 

Standard and Express Carriers deliver roadside. Once the goods are entrusted by Akko Scissors to the Carriers, the delivery time is 24-48 hours with Express Delivery and 72-120 hours with Standard Delivery, depending on the destination. When picking up the goods from the Carrier, the Company recommends signing "with reservation" if there are any doubts regarding the integrity of the package.

If free delivery is provided, all the information can be found in the product sheet (or, again on the site, by adding the item "to cart").

For Standard and Express Courier shipping, there is no call for Prior Notice before delivery.

Deliveries will be made Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Delivery Attempts
In case there is no person at the time of delivery, a second attempt will be made free of charge on the next working day. If, even at the second attempt delivery is not possible due to the absence of the recipient, the goods will go into storage at the Courier's warehouses for 5 working days. After this period has elapsed, the product will be sent back to Akko Scissors.Prior to redelivery to the company, Akko Scissors will contact the Customer, to get useful information to agree on a possible mode of delivery that can be successful.

Regarding acceptance of the package:
- At the time of delivery it is essential to sign a "proof of delivery" to the Carrier - it will be helpful in case you need to verify who picked up the order.

  • If the product's packaging is damaged, we recommend that you still accept the delivery and check the integrity of the product. consigliamo di accettare comunque la consegna e di verificare l’integrità del prodotto.
  • Any damage to the product must be reported to the Company within 8 days from the date of delivery. In such cases, it is recommended not to throw away the packaging, which will be used to handle any return. si raccomanda di non gettare l’imballo, che servirà per gestire l’eventuale reso.

Delivery by Commercial Agent: Akko Scissors' Commercial Agents in the territory, move around carrying a good part of the products, thus having the possibility to fulfill most orders in real time.