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General Warranty Informations

Akko Scissors offers a warranty on the purchase of every pair of scissors. The scissors are guaranteed to be completely free of defects in both workmanship and materials; Akko Scissors uses the best alloys and metals, such as high-quality Japanese stainless steel or cobalt steel, for production, designing tools made specifically to last. The brand always follows the most modern design, with a strong focus on making high-quality grooming scissors. Akko Scissors, makes sure that each tool works perfectly, before it is shipped or delivered to the customer..

However, if any imperfection is found in Akko Scissors products, please contact after-sales service immediately by sending an email to ordini@paolaacco.com. The customer has 14 days to report defects (the date of the invoice if delivered on the spot or the date of delivery if the product is shipped will have legal value). In case of proven defect upon arrival of the goods, the Company will repair or replace any defective product free of charge.

In order to ensure prompt and effective service, it is imperative that the warranty card (stamped and dated at purchase, or with the invoice date) be presented to Akko Scissors service department along with the defective product.

The warranty period for a private consumer is 24 months for steel corrosion, titanium bath, screw or finger rest, while the warranty is 6 months for the cutting ability of the scissors (Convex or Beveled edges). All other included accessories, such as cases, lubricating oil, cleaning cloth, etc., are covered by a 30-day warranty.

According to the Consumer Code, the two-year (24-month) warranty is provided only in those contracts concluded between a professional and a consumer. As for all other cases, i.e., purchases between two professionals with a VAT NUMBER, the legal warranty is only one year.

If any malfunction or damage, such as deformation of the handle or breakage of the blade, is found during the warranty period, with normal use, i.e., following the directions on the online instruction page, at www.paolaacco.com, the instrument will be repaired free of charge.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidental dropping, incorrect placing on the working table, improper handling of the object, breakage caused by shock, improper use, incorrect or inadequate daily maintenance, or unauthorized sharpening and repair.

Therefore, the warranty is considered null and void, even from the second day of purchase, for example in the case of dropping or accidental impact of the scissors, resulting in damage to the edges, blade, or coloring. Scissors, specifically the Toothed, Blenders, Super Blenders, Fluffers, and Chunkers, are the most delicate; therefore, if they are placed on a table slightly open, the metal could be damaged at the closing point of the blades. Curved scissors must always be placed on the table with the tips facing upwards and should always be placed on soft mats and never directly on the table. In the event of excessive tightening or loosening of the screw, failure to daily oil the blade, incorrect sharpening, improper maintenance, or if sharpening is due to normal wear and tear or tampering of the item, or if the correct pressure and thumb position are not maintained, or if the scissors come into contact with chemicals (both during cleaning or during work with perfumes, conditioning sprays, hairsprays, and sprays in general), or if the guidelines of the Company have not been followed, the warranty is excluded in every way. The technicians/sharpeners of Akko Scissors are capable of identifying any errors or damage caused to the tool due to improper handling by the groomer. Regarding the duration of BLADE SHARPENING, scissors with Japanese-style cutting like AKKO SCISSORS are very sharp and smooth, characterized by the concave inner blade and convex outer edge. The cutting edge, similar to a razor, allows for many cuts, but it's important to note that the blades do become dull due to normal wear and tear, and wear-related sharpening is not covered by the warranty. When you notice that the scissor's cutting performance is no longer perfect, it's necessary to proceed with their sharpening. Usually, grooming scissors should be sharpened after 400-600 cuts (cuts referring to the number of dogs groomed). Alternatively, you can consider a time interval of about 3 or 4 months, depending on various factors that we are listing now. Naturally, the frequency of sharpening depends on various factors: the quality of the steel, cutting style, the pressure applied to the thumb, excessive tightening or loosening of the screw, or even in the case of contact with chemicals (both during cleaning and during work with perfumes, conditioning sprays, hairsprays, and sprays in general). Additionally, if proper scissor maintenance (which should be carried out by the groomer frequently) is not performed, including cleaning, lubrication, and tension adjustment, these are the primary maintenance activities that contribute to extending the longevity and efficiency of sharpening. Our advice is to perform these maintenance operations on your scissors daily and to clean them thoroughly, if possible, after each cut or at the end of the workday. Sharpening due to the aforementioned factors is not covered by the warranty.@NOTR

Work under warranty must be carried out at Technical Service Centers authorized by www.paolaacco.com: any technical tampering practiced outside of these will result in the termination of the Warranty. The same applies to the replacement of screws, rings, Teflon rides and various scissor accessories.

Please note: If the scissors when first used are trouble-free and fully functional, they are unlikely to have production defects later on. Based on the experience of Akko Scissors, it can be said that generally a product that is returned for an alleged manufacturing defect after a few days of use, upon analysis by the Company's technicians turns out in almost all cases, free of manufacturing defects but with marks caused by an error in its use by the customer. In fact, technicians are able to determine both how long the instrument has been working and errors in its use and maintenance, even if used for only a few days. It is rare for an Akko Scissors product to be manufactured with a defect and especially for the defect to manifest itself after a certain period of use: a manufacturing or sharpening defect normally manifests from the first moment of use. Products that are sent to the Company for warranty inspection after months or years of continuous service or work are rarely found to be defective.

The most common service request is the result of normal wear and tear issues that are outside the scope of manufacturing defects and therefore not covered by the warranty.

Akko Scissors' corporate philosophy is to produce high-quality tools: the scissors are very light, ergonomic, and have thin blades, so they are suitable for precision cuts and continuous use, without burdening the groomer's hands, wrists, and elbows, to limit the occurrence of Repetitive Motion Syndromes as much as possible. They are therefore delicate tools that must be treated with great care. Heavier scissors would certainly be sturdier, but certainly less precise and comfortable.



the development of rust

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, in a 50/50 proportion, while stainless steel consists of an alloy of iron and chromium, in a 70/30 proportion. Stainless steel's ability to resist corrosion is mainly due to chromium: this element of the alloy is able to passivate, that is, to coat itself with a very thin and transparent oxide layer, which protects the metal from external chemical agents. If the chromium layer were for some reason "broken," the iron would begin to leak and rust. Yes, because stainless steel does rust! There are several external factors that cause rusting: moisture, acids, salt, and chemicals such as lacquer, conditioners, perfumes, etc. (products widely used inside grooming shops) and high temperatures favor the process.

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Pursuant to LEGISLATIVE DECREE No. 24 of February 2, 2002, where it is reported that: the obligation to offer warranty extended to the duration of 24 months exists only for sale TO PRIVATE PEOPLE. If an entrepreneur - even a sole proprietor - purchases an asset that is drawn into the sphere of business or profession, Decree 24/2002 does not apply.

Practically, this means that the same product sold to an individual will have a warranty of:

  • One year, if billed to business or professional (VAT subject)
  • Two years, if sold to a private individual.

It will be the sales tax document that gives validity and certainty of date to the warranty; the tax document determines the actual duration of the warranty itself.

In the case of warranty repairs, the customer will only be responsible for sending the scissors to the service center, while the reparation and return of the goods will be free of charge.

It is important to include in the package all personal details, address and telephone number, as well as a brief description of the defect in the scissors.

The Akko Scissors service center is also available for any maintenance/repairs for out-of-warranty scissors with a fee.


If a VAT-registered professional requires an invoice, the warranty is one year instead of two.

For the sake of clarity, it should be noted that, according to the Consumer Code, the two-year warranty is provided only in those contracts concluded between a professional and a consumer. As for all other cases, the legal warranty is only one year.

From the Consumer Code, we derive the definitions of professional and consumer.

But what is meant by "professional"? A professional is anyone who engages in the retail trade of goods and/or services, and therefore the definition is not only in the narrow sense, but also includes stores, large distribution chains, transportation companies.

A "consumer," on the other hand, is defined as a person who buys the good for his or her own personal use, regardless of his or her economic, professional or business activity. For example, a family member who buys a television set, a sofa, a refrigerator, or a computer for his or her home is to be considered a consumer.

However, the Consumer Code does not apply to contracts between professionals, such as, for example, between an electronics chain and a person who needs the good for his or her business or professional activity: the computer that the professional uses in his or her office, the satellite navigator installed by the sales agent in his or her car to get to clients, the printer connected by the entrepreneur inside his or her company, are all examples of goods used for professional purposes.


At the Bases of a Purchase

It seems clear, then, that at the time when a person requests a VAT-registered invoice following a purchase, his intention is to "discharge" that amount from taxes, precisely because that good is inherent in his professional or business activity. Therefore, he intervenes in the contract not as a "consumer" but rather as a "professional." Consequently, since the Consumer Code no longer applies to such purchases with an invoice, the warranty is one year, not two.

Therefore, if one wants to obtain a two-year warranty on the products purchased, it is necessary for the buyer to refrain from deducting the purchased good from taxes and not request an invoice in the name of his company with a VAT ID. In fact, it is only with the issuance of the receipt or an invoice in the name of the private individual with only the TAX CODE, that it can be assumed that the purchase was made for personal purposes and as a "consumer."

Summary. The Legal Warranty is entitled only to the consumer, i.e., those who purchase products for non-business purposes. For example, if a computer is purchased solely for personal use, the right to the Legal Warranty is granted; conversely, where the purchase of the same good was made in the context of a business activity, the Legal Warranty does not apply. The 24-month Legal Warranty does not apply to products purchased with an invoice and VAT number by professionals and businesses.

A conformity defect that becomes apparent within 24 months from the date of purchase of the good must be reported by the consumer within 2 months from the date of discovery of the defect.


If an Akko Scissors product has a malfunction or conformity defect, you should first contact the seller's service center by sending an email to ordini@paolaacco.com . The receipt or invoice issued by the Company at the time of purchase shall serve as a guarantee.

Once it has been ascertained and proven that the problem stems from a conformity defect, a specific file will be opened on behalf of the Customer, who will be assigned a code for free repair or replacement under warranty of the defective product.

In the event of a replacement, Akko Scissors will deliver the replacement product within a reasonable period of time and the Customer will be required to return the nonconforming product to the Company within 30 days from the date they received notice that the replacement product was sent.

PLEASE NOTE: every pair of Akko Scissors, before shipping, undergoes a thorough inspection by the company's technicians to rule out any manufacturing or operational defects. The test conducted by the technicians also includes a functionality trial on each individual pair of scissors directly on dog hair. After passing the test, the scissors are cleaned, packaged, and sent to the end user. In exceptional cases, despite meticulous cleaning, a few stray hairs might inadvertently remain on the scissors. This could lead the Consumer to believe that they have received a "used" tool. In reality, any present hairs are merely evidence that the functionality test was indeed carried out by Akko Scissors technicians before the scissors were shipped. Upon completing the functionality test, Akko Scissors technicians adjust the screw of the scissors to achieve the ideal tension for their initial use. All straight, curved, and thinning scissors must necessarily be used with this specific adjustment for at least the first week of work. The adjustment, which might indeed feel a bit too tight, should not be altered, as it serves to ensure that the blades adapt to each other ideally. The scissors, in fact, require a form of "breaking in," which is accomplished by maintaining the adjustment set by the technicians. This applies to all types of scissors, but especially to thinning scissors: the teeth require a certain amount of work time to find the correct alignment with the solid blade and to slightly dull their apex. Maintaining the proper screw adjustment allows for functional scissors that deliver excellent results. Loosening the screw would result in a certain degree of deformation of both the teeth, which might cross over, and the solid blades of straight and curved scissors (and then it might not always be possible for the sharpener to rectify the issue). Only subsequently can the screw be loosened if the groomer feels the need for softer scissors. However, it is recommended to never excessively loosen the screw, making only one (or at most two) increments: when the scissors are closed, the blades should never spontaneously open or move with a slight shake, but only with a deliberate hand movement. Akko Scissors technicians advise against generally keeping the blades too loose to avoid compromising the functionality and lifespan of the scissors.@NOTR