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WELCOME KIT Straights + Curves + Thinners + Chunkers

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HAMMER 7.5″ – HAMMER scissors are designed for smoothing and finishing work, but they prove equally excellent at fast roughing, making them very versatile and suitable for everyday commercial work. They can work successfully on any coat texture. Intermediate-width sword blades lend lightness to HAMMER scissors and their semi-convex edge ensures uniform and precise cuts.


MAGIC BALL 15°- Intermediate Blade Curves 7.5″ – MAGIC BALL scissors have a curvature specifically designed to work on medium and large dogs. The curvature of the blade is 15°, an angle that allows curved surfaces to be cut with celerity: they are suitable for creating all body roundness, such as ribs, buttocks, hocks and heads. They are sturdy scissors, capable of cutting large amounts of coat and trimming at the same time, excellently.


FLUFFY 27 6.5″ – FLUFFY 27 scissors are specifically designed for smooth, straight and silky coats. They are ideal for thinning hair in areas where it is too abundant. By penetrating the blades into the hair mass near the skin, the FLUFFY 27Ts reduce the volume of excess hair with just a few cuts. This is especially useful for breeds such as Newfoundlands and Golden Retrievers. These scissors make it easier to work on very soft textures and are excellent for dogs such as Spitz. Each cut removes about 40-45% of the hair without leaving marks on the coat. They are also great for sculpting and shaping the angles of straight-coated dogs and for working on thinning curly coats.


WILL BE GIVEN the scissors :


MODUS 18T without Teflon channel – MODUS 18T scissors are a type of toothed scissors with a length of 7.5 inches, ideal for quickly tackling very large surfaces. What makes them unique is the serrations present on both blades. In particular, one of the blades has “T-shaped” teeth that hold the hairs in place instead of letting them slide off, resulting in an unobtrusive trimming of the coat. These scissors have handles with a special coating that makes them suitable even for nickel-allergic operators.






  • TYPES OF SCISSORS: Straight + Curves + Thinners + Chunkers
  • SCREW: Ball Bearing with ball bearings
  • TEFLON CHANNEL: Double Teflon channel on Hammer 7.5″ and Fluffy 27T
  • HANDLES: Hammer 7.5″ Semi-Offset – Magic Ball 7.5″ curvature 15° Symmetrical-Reversible – Fluffy 27T Semi-offset – Modus 18T Semi-offset
  • MEASUREMENTS AVAILABLE: Hammer 7.5″ – Magic Ball 7.5″ 15° bend – Fluffy 27T 6.5″ – Modus 18T 7.5″
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: The scissors come with the following accessories: universal screwdriver, blade lubricating oil, cleaning cloth, warranty certificate, case

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